Second update: User-created modes can now be shared!

Hello there, good people of the internet, 

To every one of the zero people reading this, 

Thanks for tuning in on Dev Log radio, I'm your host Maddykun and I have an announcement to make!

The mode sharing feature is officially up and running now, after hours of relentless work and some unexpected health issues. This devlog will act as a kind of tutorial on how to use this feature, so here we go.

To share a mode you have made (you don't need to save it either), after making the mode

-  Go to the code-generation section in the edit mode right beside the player properties (Screenshot uploaded for your reference :)

- Click on "Generate Code"

- A code will appear in the field above the button, copy it (Ctrl + C)

- Share it with a friend via a text file (or whatever way you'd prefer)

On their end, what they have to do is,

- Paste the code in the same field

- Click on "Generate Mode" button

- All the values should now have been filled up, 

- All they have to do now is "Save" the mode.

And there you go, simple as that!

Well, that was the "tutorial" for sharing a game mode. If you have any doubts, complaints, suggestions or just anything to say at all (or jokes, please I love jokes I need 'em, I nEEd sOmEE laUghTER IN MY LIFE PLEASE HELP!!!), please comment down below or in the game's page.

Well that's it for today. Have a nice day!

Maddykun signing out.


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Dec 19, 2019
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Dec 19, 2019

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