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Demo down below.

Block Out is a top-down shooter with flashy graphics and calm music. You can shoot and slash and go around teleporting through walls and dodge enemy bullets. Do whatever you feel like or just relax and enjoy the music and fireworks in 'Cat mode'.


    Use (keyboard to move around) and (mouse to aim and shoot)

        W, S, A, D to move

        Spacebar to teleport/dodge

        Left mouse button to shoot

        Right mouse button for melee attack

        R to respawn

The main feature of this game is game mode creation. This feature allows you to craft your own gameplay experience, by changing most aspects of the game. 

Explore 4 different levels, choose from 5 different types of enemies, define and modify their behavior as you wish and make your own personal hell or make a relaxing mode, where the enemies run away from you!

You can save, edit and delete these modes. Make and save as many as you'd like. You can also share the modes you created with your friends very easily. Just generate a code in the edit mode, share it with them, they paste it in their game's edit mode, press a button and voila! (It is intuitive enough but if there are any problems, tell me and I'll try to make it better for ya)

Here are all the things that you can modify :

General Properties

  • Name of the mode
  • Description of the mode
  • The Level (4 different levels to choose from!)
  • Color scheme

Player Properties

  • Number of lives (Finite/ Infinite)
  • Player can/can't shoot
    • Number of Bullets (Finite/ Infinite)
    • Burst Fire/ Automatic (Hold down 'Fire' to keep shooting)
    • Bullets do/don't regenerate on killing
  • Player can/can't do slash attack
  • Player can/can't teleport

Enemy Properties

  • Finite/Infinite enemies
    • If infinite, the amount (density) of enemies in the level at a time
      • Less (approx. 15)
      • Medium (approx. 30)
      • High (approx. 70)
  • Define groups of enemies and their properties as follows:
    • Number of enemies in this group
    • Type of enemies in this group (Five distinct types to choose from!)
    • Movement speed
    • Movement direction (Chase the player or Run away from the player)
    • On collision with the player (You can choose either of the options or both... or none :)
      • Kill player
      • Die
    • Enemy can/ can't shoot
      • Their rate of fire (Low, Medium or High)
    • Enemy Spawn Rules. For this group of enemy,
      • Spawn one enemy every 'N' seconds
      • After 'N' Kills or Deaths or Seconds (time)
      • Until 'N' Kills or Deaths or Seconds
      • With a probability of 'N'

There's a lot more to the game, you can play around with it in the playable demo and let me know what you think :)

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, blocks, Bullet Hell, Top-Down
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Download demo

Block Out Demo 32-Bit.rar 19 MB
Block Out Demo 64-Bit.rar 21 MB

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Block Out was featured on the latest episode of my #indiegame series #5MinuteswithanIndie

Loved the simple and clean gameplay, you made blocks feel and look like premium characters

You can check it out here:

Oh wow! Thanks, I'll be sure to check out the video!

Can we modify the controls ? I wanna play with my gamepad but I can't shot

You can't modify controls as of now. I'll add that in and gamepad support before the end of the week. Thanks for playing!

If you have any other complaints, feel free to share :)

Oooh nice, I'll be the best :))

Good work, thanks!

(1 edit)

I've got the feature up and running so I'll roll out the update in a couple of days. Thanks for waiting!

You're amazing. <3

Bon baisers de France

Yo! It's done :)

Once again, I'm extremely sorry I took so long. 

I'll be better.

The first few times I tried playing zombie mode, no enemies spawned in, but then it worked

Oh, Sorry about that. I'll look into it.

I've fixed this issue, I'm sorry it took so long. The update will be out in a couple of days.

yah it took me a minute but this game is super fun. like BERSERK from the 80s! aww yeah.

Thanks for playing!

I didn't know BERSERK was a thing, 

"The intruder must not escape!" :D